Greg Bellan

Baller’s Bash

Grayson’s basketball team (DG Warriors) had an awesome tournament this past weekend going 5-1 and reaching the championship game! Here’s the recap from his coach after the weekend:

Amazing weekend, going 5-1 and making it to the championship game and competing is something these boys will remember.  We will achieve big things and we will look back on this weekend as the start of it all.

The boys are understanding what it takes to compete at the highest level, the speed, the height, the skills, the preparation, the mental part of the game and leveraging the strengths of each player.

The entire team contributed in major ways this weekend – every player should be proud – they each have what it takes.

It is SO awesome to see him grow as a player with such an amazing team!

Baller's Bash April 7, 2019

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